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Friday, 15 March 2013

Cynthia Rowley Gets CuRious

 Gosh, one of my fav games as a kid was CandyLand, remember that game? I wanted to play it for hours. And while I'm not a huge candy nut, I won't lie and tell you I don't love a great candy store. When I first visited the Toys 'R Us in Times Square I was just like a kid in a candy store. Well, designer Cynthia Rowley has just opened a new four-story townhouse in upper Manhattan, complete with - you guessed it - candy. Folks, I missed the opening by days during my New York trip. This will be a must-see next time I'm in the city - and hopefully that's soon!It's located at 78th Street and Madison Avenue and really is like a fairytale - you even enter through a gated courtyard. The first floor is the well-known boutique, and up the enchanting staircase you'll find all of the CuRious candy (cute name, right?). Custom pinatas and party decor are fun things you'll find other than the gobs of candy goodies (some passed around by amazingly dressed staff members, obvi). Oh, and there's even an edible place setting you can buy. The top two floors are for Exhibition A (Cynthia's husband is an artist) and shown by appointment only. The whole townhouse is an experience not to miss if you're around the neighborhood. P.S. Did you catch my HuffPo Live interview a couple of weeks ago with CR? She discussed a lot about her new candy concept![Photos Courtesy Cynthia Rowley]

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Green for Spring

 It's hard to believe a pair of "green jeans" could be a wardrobe essential, but they are. Trust. Every, single time I wear my green jeans, I get compliments. They're just so cheery and green is so on trend for this year! I've been dyyyyying to try out C. Wonder - haven't you heard a lot of buzz about it? When they sent me images of some of their "green things" for spring, I was completely flipping out. AdorABLE. The length on these jeans looks perfect - what a great pop of color, that's also still very flattering. C. Wonder has has amazing accessories. And what I love about this brand is they sell very high-quality pieces that look like they cost a ton, but they really don't. We're talking a bracelet for under $50 here. This cute little purse is a great way to incorporate green into your nighttime step and repeat, huh? And the bangle below is one of my absolute favs. It could stand alone on that cute little wrist of yours and still look fab. Everyone needs a great cardigan, especially for the bipolar weather of spring. I live in cardigans during this season. This seafoam shade of green is a gorgeous alternative for those of you who can't do something so bold as the brighter jeans. (I'm hoping I can wear seafoam, but will def have to try it fingers are crossed with this tempermental hair color of mine!)While we don't have a C. Wonder store near where I live, I'm currently surfing the Web (um, with my credit card out) to see what all I can scoop up for spring. It all looks so refreshing!!

 [Photos Courtesy C. Wonder]

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Holographic Heels, Anyone?

 Stop it right now. Ok, really, don't, Alejandro Ingelmo. My heart is beating at a rapid pace on this Monday. Holographic heels are a thing this spring, girls, so you might wanna get to these beauties fast. This pointy-toe, single sole pump (d'orsay style) silhouette is the shoe to own this spring season. But add a little excitement with a holographic shimmer and WOW. You just can't replicate this shoe (shaking my head).While there are quite a few gorgeous silver and ice hues (take the last round-toe featured...squeal!), the teal has me swooning a thousand times over. It reminds me of those little Barbie heels I used to put on my dolls and stare at for hours (I had a problem even back then, folks). The lace-up is also a biggie these days (although not my personal fav because I don't like my feet restricted). This one is a glistening goddess and trust me when I say a lace-up shoe looks amazing on the foot because it sure does. Drama mama. Wear these holographs all spring and summer long with something otherwise muted (chambray, please?) - the green would look amazing with something super white. And no matter how you wear those sparkly white hues, your feet are guaranteed to look a million times tanner. Not a bad thing?

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How I Wore My Heels: With Camo

 I took these photos in the moonlight because I thought that would be awesome! Ok, no, really, I just ran out of time (it's something called a toddler) and almost captured them in pure darkness by the time I was done, ha. Turns out these metallic black wedges by Bronx I just started testing out for spring truly glisten in the moonlight, and therefore, I heart them like no other. What else? Being from the south, I never thought I would wear anything camo...nothing, nada, not even a tiny spec of the fabric. (It's not exactly done in the best fashion around these parts.) Well, PacSun sent me another (crate!) of spring goodies, one thing led to another, and voila! I can't stop wearing (this particular) camo. I mean, it has studs on the shoulders?! This is camo done right, y'all. I've actually been wearing it to pieces because you can wear it with soooo many things - for instance, just last weekend I wore it with black jeggings, a moto jacket and black sneaker wedges. Great for the "spring transition" weather! But, I wanted to show you another way to wear it come spring (60s here this week...ahhhh), so here I paired it with the Acid Wash Halter Dress. This is a great summer dress, but one I would personally feel more comfortable layering (I'm just not 16 anymore...sigh...). I love the mix of it with the camo! Feeling like you need a new pair of shoes? You could win a pair of these brown! Just enter your info in the box at the bottom of this post and you're all set. I'll choose one winner at random next week! Just in time for spring, eh? xoCamo shirt, acid wash dress and pendant, gifted by PacSun - can I mention this pendant is is the best I've ever found? It's actually looooong and I can never find that. So good.Metallic wedges, gifted by Bronx (these are a'll def wanna win; they're even more magical in real life!)

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Obsessed with MiH

MiH is pretty much killing it lately with their line-up of endlessly chic, comfy clothing seen on one celeb after another. Olivia Palermo is one of my absolute fav style stars, and she recently wore this knit Pavillion Sweater ($220) with distressed jeans and a blazer. While the starlet wore red, it also comes in a pretty blue. As we head into spring in a few weeks, this is the type of oversized sweater I long to rock every, single week with my denim cut-offs. No joke.
Then look at these jeans!! Selena Gomez was just spotted in the new MiH Bonn jeans ($233) - in the Mini Dot Light wash. Squeal! I'm such a sucker for a polka dot, but a mini dot?? Oh, y'all, it's gotta be the new polka dot. I do assure you, it's much easier to wear as well. This MiH is a new style this season - it has a high rise (thank you) and a super-slim ankle (thank you again). I mean, all I really want in life is to live in a higher rise jean with super skinny ankles for my ankle boots and sneaker wedges...MiH has answered my daydreams. Extra-soft and extra-stretchy are bonus points. See why I'm in love? Gotta get.

[Photos Courtesy MiH]

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Stuart Weitzman Does Black and White - Just Right

Sometimes a simple, yet stunning black and white shoe is all we need to brighten our Monday afternoon, yes? Boldly dramatic and truly embracing the color combo of the season, this Stuart Weitzman stripey strappy sandal makes me giddy, gleeful and downright giggly. Ain't no Monday gonna get me down.

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Me in a Tree

Can't believe it's just now Whiny Wednesday! Certainly seemed like it was yesterday here. :) Today I'm here to share with you a new online program I've discovered called Me in a Tree. I'm pretty excited about it! (Rest assured, I spent I way too much time perfecting my avatar look like?)Anyone can try out this family-oriented interactive (life managing!) site for free - for two weeks! And that's the perfect amount of time to realize you might wanna sign up for the year for just $5.99. You login, create avatars for the whole family and it's so simple. You let the fun begin! There are so many resources in this puppy to help build a better (closer knit!) family, I love it. Hey, we're all going to be online these days, so let's do it together.You can create a Family Huddle (even schedule them) to support open communication, and there's a bright and cheery, handy, dandy calendar where everyone can write in their assigned duties. Granted, my little C. is a tad bit too young for this, I don't see a problem with our family starting to use this between just D. and me at first, until little C. gets around kindergarten age. As much as he likes to help clean the house with me, he's going to love filling in his chores on here - and being recognized (his fav thing).  There's even a spot to journal and fill in some of your fav things about your family - it's the Pledge Stone. Overall, this tool is amazing for improving family relationships, for those of us (that's all of us) who are too busy to stop and build a better life together. Try it out and see how you can challenge your family this week. Oh, and don't have too much fun choosing which shirt to wear in your avatar (totally guilty). Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Me in a Tree, but the opinions are all my own, obvi. I truly like this site! ;)

[Photos via Me in a Tree]

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